Extracts Pro For Closeout

Plan. Execute. Deliver.

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Every project's closeout requirements are unique. Exceed your client's expectations by choosing Extracts Pro to organize and compile your project's handover documents. Create a plan, link and organize your Procore data, and deliver a finely-tuned package configured to your client's needs.

Extracts Pro is built for flexibility in how you share data - keeping you focused on what's important, not organizing PDF's. Whether a 3-ring binder or a complex network of linked document folders, Extracts Pro will get you there faster than ever before.

What Makes It Special

Speedrun Via Submittals

Quickly import key Procore Submittals into Extracts Pro to pre-populate a closeout log. Key fields, like Spec Section and Responsible Contractor, are automatically populated.

As Submittals are completed in Procore, their statuses are updated in Extracts Pro automatically.

Maximize Your Investments

Procore includes unlimited storage, forever. Why pay extra for yet another siloed location to store documents?

Save money over other solutions by hosting your handover package in a document system you're already paying for - Procore, Egnyte, OneDrive, and more.

Analyze & Prioritize

Pre-built dashboards drive focus. De-risk final payment by quickly verifying a trade has submitted all required documents.

Trades partners needing some encouragement? Leverage Procore's reminder and ball-in-court system for easy notification.

Ready to get started?

Reach out and we'll handover the keys.

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